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Great days begin with learning, so that good luck may then follow
  A great day begins with learning, so that good luck may follow.

Learn How To Ice Fish With This Step-By-Step Guide That Will Show You Exactly How To Find The Best Fishing Hole And Also How To…

• Locate Tons Of Fish Under The Ice!

• Use Bait Tricks To Fool The Fish!

• Get More Strikes Than Your Buddies!

• Save Money By Making Your Own Equipment!

• Learn To Only Fish At the ‘Right Time’ Of Day!

• And Much Much More!

Ryan Scott wrote
“My Ice Fishing Secrets” ;-)  
because understanding
‘How Fish Think’
is your key, to successful fishing!

Your Overwhelming Satisfaction Is Guaranteed,         Or, 
K E E P 
 everything downloaded FREE!            For your immediate download, click the link.           http://tinyurl.com/glw6x46

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Know-how yields satisfaction.
Know-how yields satisfaction.

A reader commented.  Hi Ryan First off, thank you for your book “My Ice Fishing Secrets”. I am not a book reader as such, but found “My Ice Fishing Secrets” of great interest, as it has enabled me to look at ice fishing with a new knowing smile. 

Many of the topics you covered like, the effects of weather, lure selection, smell, taste, and presentation are indubitably useful, whenever I venture to fish on ice. While I’m an avid  fly fisherman when the weather is warm, I feel ‘certain’ your book in season will also enhance my ‘fly fishing’ artistry, strategy, and inevitably results…

I found many of the topics you covered like, specific weather affects, lure selection, smell, taste plus a variety of presentation techniques… to be really useful. While I am mainly a fly fisherman, I feel certain your book will also enhance my fly fishing strategies, artistry and results…

Finally,  a great book thought out, well written and I will highly recommend it to other fishermen” .


David B.

PS.: Remember, try or buy, you’re covered by the “Clickbank”    100% no questions asked, money back guarantee.

PPS.:  Bonus e-Book

When you order “My Ice Fishing Secrets,” you’ll also get “Ice Fishing Success, The Lost Secrets Of Our ForeFathers.”  No charge!!! This is a long lost manuscript ($97 value) published nearly a century ago that teaches you how the pioneers of ice fishing went out in the dead of winter, with primitive equipment, and got the job DONE.  It will really accelerate your fishing success and is a must have for anyone keen on improving.  If you or another ice fisherman you know wants to learn from the best, this free report is actually worth the price of the entire package.

Because it’s a new book I wanted to make it an unbeatable deal at $27.77, so that plenty of people read it and get out there and start catching some serious fish.

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“My Ice Fishing Secrets”
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Rainbow trout

Trout. Knowing what doesn’t work, is half the battle.

I discovered that I inadvertently, had been fishing ‘passively’. I threw my bait out and waited for a ‘dumb’ fish to swim by and bite and sometimes pot luck worked – y-a-h-o-o. I knew I was fishing with bait and lures ‘trout liked’ and sometimes I caught fish, but I never knew why. When I came to understand WHY my trusty lure would work one day and not the next and you guessed it, my luck improved. Of course that knowledge will help you, also!

I came to know where and when fish actually feed vs waiting like a dam fool for a naive fish to ‘didly bop’ by and bite. Always I, like most of you, want to catch more trout in half the time.

‘Secrets from the Trout Fishing Pros’, covers nearly every bit of information you’ve ever wanted to know about catching your limit of trout and more.

1.- How to identify the ‘best spots’ to find fish with ultimate simplicity.   

2.- Simple keys right in front of your eyes to ‘spin fishing’ success.

3.- WARNING: Three things you should never do when when you fish for trout.

4,- Learn how to distinguish between the different species of trout.

5.- ‘Time tested’ strategies to catch more and ‘BIGGER’ trout.

6.- Learn how to hire a good trout fishing guides.

7.- Oft overlooked tips and tricks to using the right lures and bait.

8.- A pennies on the dollar smart approach to buying essential supplies.

P.S.: Remember, you’re getting ‘Secrets From the Trout Fishing Pros’PLUS 3 hot bonuses worth over $30.00 more, that’s over $70.00 in value that you’ll get for just $14.95 total. Just click the blue link and order securely through ClickBank.

P.P.S.: Also remember that you’re covered by the “Clickbank”                              100% no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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Bass inspects bait.

Bass inspects bait.

“I Love Bass Fishing” says Dave Dussault, author of

“Bass Fishing Exposed”

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what works.

I’ll show you exactly how to ‘ALWAYS’ harvest bass, if they are there to be harvested. Simply – Follow my instructions, catch bass, or “Clickbank” my distributor, will gladly refund your entire purchase price! You can’t lose!

With my ‘one-of-a-kind guide’, you’ll discover…

Specifically, when and where are the best to places to cast your bait

•How to catch boatloads of BIG BASS, even in ‘bad weather’.

Baits, bass love.

•How to totally understand the nature and habits of bass. With this understanding you’ll have the power to hook bass… whenever ‘you’ want to.

Hot spots in lakes, rivers, ponds, and reservoirs largemouth bass often frequent.

I’ll also show you:

•‘Live Shiners’, one of the best producing big bass baits.

‘Plastic Worms’ Four ways to rig and use one of the most popular bass baits of all time.

•Where to find bass during all ‘four seasons’ and what baits to use to increase your chances to successfully land them.

How to choose the correct lure ‘color’, to satisfy specific conditions.

•How to catch fish in adverse weather.

And much, much more!

“Nothing feels better than pulling in a BIG one…
especially when someone’s watching!”

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Just $17.95

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What Makes Bamboo         So Special?

A teenage Tom Rosenbauer shows off a nice upstate New York, brown trout and his favorite bamboo fly rod.
A teenage Tom Rosenbauer shows off a nice upstate New York, brown trout and his favorite bamboo fly rod.
Photo courtesy Tom Roenbauer

                                                                                    Written by: Tom Rosenbauer

Many people today treat bamboo fly rods as more of an heirloom than a fishing tool, but there are also plenty of anglers who use only bamboo. In fact, there are probably more people fishing these rods today than there were 10 or 20 years ago. My love affair with bamboo began in the late 1960s. My first fly rod was a tubular steel rod that I found in the rafters of our garage. It was probably made in the 1930s and belonged to my father, who may have used it once or twice, but after he returned from Okinawa in 1945 he was lured by the siren song of the new spinning rods. They were a lot easier to use, and besides, his favorite fish was the bullhead, not trout.

tied fly
           Hand tied fly

When I was 12, I began tying flies commercially for a local shop and was able to buy my first good fly rod, an Orvis Fullflex that I built from a blank. (Before that, I had gone through a few $20 fiberglass rods, including a blue Garcia Mitchell I had bought at the local Western Auto, and of course a white Shakespeare Wonderod. I doubt if anyone who grew up fly fishing in that era survived without owning at least one of those. ) That Fullflex served me well, but at the time I was often fishing very tiny dry flies on 7X tippets in a local spring creek and felt that I needed something better.

I finally tied enough Coleman’s March Brown nymphs, Light Hendricksons, and Tups Indispensibles to earn enough money for my first bamboo rod. It was an Orvis Madison 7 ½ foot 6-weight, and I still remember the first cast on a trout stream I made with it. The cast was a revelation. The size 14 Adams went exactly where I wanted it to go, the tippet straightened perfectly, and I quickly discovered why all the good anglers used bamboo. It wasn’t an affectation or a display of status—all the other fly fishermen I knew were much older than me, but they were school teachers and toolmakers and people who made film at Kodak. A bamboo rod was truly a better fly rod than the glass rods in those days, and if you were serious about your fishing, it was the only way to go.

Today you can buy bamboo fly rods that will handle big flies and split shot with ease, but in those days the rods I used, Orvis and Leonard Duracanes, were really not up to the task of the big stuff. I used to put “sets” (a semi-permanent curve in a bamboo rod caused by stress that can be removed by a good rod maker with judicious application of heat) in my rods every year because we would go to the East Branch of the Delaware a few times a year and fish big Flick Stonefly nymphs with two or three split shot for the big wild rainbows that lived in the heavier riffles on that river.  

– ### –

In Norman Rockwell's 1939 painting "Sport" the angler holds a bamboo fishing rod.
In Norman Rockwell’s 1939 painting “Sport” the angler holds a bamboo fishing rod.

A Norman Rockwell painting titled “SPORT” depicts a man holding a bamboo fishing rod sold for $1 million, at an auction last May.

The 1939 painting, depicts a man fishing, with a • bamboo fishing rod • and wearing a yellow jacket while sitting in a rowboat named “SPORT”. His pipe is whimsically inverted against the pouring rain and this painting appeared on the cover of the “Saturday Evening Post” on April 29, 1939. Notice, the “Saturday Evening Post” logo is a prominent part of this iconic image.

“SPORT” was sold by a private collection in Birmingham, Ala., for $1,085,000 at “Sotheby’s” on May 22.

Excellent store bought gear is available – yet many intelligent anglers prefer crafting their own ‘heirloom’.   If crafting your own, is what you prefer, an excellent       e-book, plus ’27 videos’ will help you. “MY FLY ROD” comes with ’17’ fine videos… plus a ’60’ day money back guarantee!

"MY FLY ROD" e-book comes along with 17 videos.
“MY FLY ROD” e-book comes along with ’17 videos’ plus a ’60 day’, unconditional money back guarantee.

60 days guarantee : satisfied or paid back.

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60 day money back guarantee.

60-day-money back guarantee
60-day-money back guarantee.


Bait Natural & Artificial



Hungary fish love worms.
Fish love worms. People love how easy it is to raise them and then to sell them along with rich ‘compost’ and ‘Worm Tea’ generated by the worms, automatically! 
Learn how to Raise ‘Thousands Of Worms’ and as a biproduct get lots of ‘Rich Black Anti Disease Compost’, plus ‘Worm Tea’... a highly desired furtilizer.
Learn how to raise ‘Thousands Of Worms’ and as a byproduct, harvest lots of clean ‘Black Gold Anti Disease Compost’, plus ‘Worm Tea’… a highly effective and desired fertilizer.
Earth Worms in rich compost.
Earth Worms in rich compost.

Follow my simple instruction and this fascinating ‘enterprise’ will cost you next to nothing!

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Improving your fly fishing
Discover, Learn and Master Powerful Fly Fishing Techniques
That Will Have Hungry Fish Fighting to take your ‘Fly’,
In Just Days!”

William Carter, Fly Fishing Instructor.
William Carter, Fly Fishing Instructor.

by William Carter, Fly Fishing Instructor.

All I ask is that you read my instructions and don’t just skim through it. Give me a chance to help you, and your fly fishing will improve, massively, and… in a very short time!  

You get to download ‘8’ extraordinary e-books, plus my e-mail address, so that I may answer your fly fishing inquiries, P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-L-Y!

‘Sixty ‘Day Money back guarantee.

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