403600 – 3600 On-Board Series Bag

One of a series of low profile fishing tackle bags specifically designed for boaters.

A new line new ‘low profile’ state of the art ‘fishing tackle bags’ that slide effortlessly into a boat’s dry-storage, under seats, into a boat’s storage locker even below the cockpit.

In this era of specialization, Plano has concocted this unique tackle storage solution aimed squarely at boat anglers, fishing in freshwater or saltwater.
Next, the ‘On-Board Series’ is outfitted with an ingenious mesh panel and fabric cover for ‘drainage’.
No matter how hard you try, or how dry a boat runs, water will find its way onto the deck. Waves, flopping fish or a good old fashioned rainstorm put water on the floor. The On-Board’s drainage feature eliminates the risk of soaking your tackle bags and ultimately rusting lures and equipment. “Plano” fishing tackle bags puts everyone’s mind at ease.
“The On-Board Series is destined to become the tackle bag for fishing guides. This I know…”
Another hallmark of “Plano’s On-Board Series” is a strikingly comfortable handle. That might not sound like a big deal, but when you stuff and jerk the tackle bag from tight confines, you’ll appreciate the softness. The padded comfort also comes into play for the grab-and-go angler who carries heavy metals, like spoons, sinkers and bladed baits. 

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